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Vagabond Travel Gear

Vagabond Travel Gear - Handmade Leather Bags

Handmade Leather Satchels, Messenger Bags and Travel Bags for travel and everyday use.



Thank you for coming to check out our range of handmade goat leather items. These include mens leather satchels, mens leather messenger bags, mens leather travel bags, and some of the best leather handbags Australia online shops have to offer.

Our range has been built based on the feedback and requests we have received from our valued customers over time. We also constantly test new products that are available and increase the number of items that we offer, particularly in our leather travel bags Australia catalogue.

The range of mens leather travel bags, leather shoulder bags, and so on has been designed for day-to-day use and caters for anyone who wants practical but affordable handmade goat leather bags. Each bag is individually handmade by our craftsmen in India, resulting in a unique product every time. The goats’ skins are full of character, showing the adventures the goats experienced during their life, through the markings on the skin.

Vagabond Travel Gear products don’t only include mens leather travel bags and related items, we also stock leather tote bags, handmade leather journals, mens leather gym bags, mens leather cross body bags, as well as mens leather laptop bags and even briefcases. All our travel and mens leather overnight bags, as well as leather journals, are designed to have the natural rugged looks and feel that suit the adventurous at heart. They represent the best mens leather bags online Australia, and will suit people who want to enjoy real leather at an affordable price.

Our range is fairly large, with about 50 styles and sizes of various bags, including our popular mens leather travel bags. We also offer a terrific range of handmade leather journals, diaries, sketchbooks and photo albums.

New products are regularly added to the range so come back often to discover exciting new designs. You can also join our mailing list so that you will be kept up to date with new products and informed of our monthly special promotions. Just fill out your name and email below.

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