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5 tips for finding the right men’s leather travel bag

‘Wherever you go, you take yourself with you’ once wrote Neil Gaiman and this brief and curt quote of this inspiring writer, indeed, encompasses the whole idea of what traveling has become to a modern man. It is not anymore just a means of changing living spaces, conquering new areas or fleeing from wars and danger. People travel to expand their minds, to obtain new knowledge and grow together with every kilometre made. Nevertheless, traveling is never easy. While it requires a lot of commitment and right attitude, it is also incredibly important to be well-prepared material-wise and there is no item more important than a travel bag. The humble travel bag undoubtedly has to be endurable, comfortable and capacious enough as it will be the main thing you will rely on. A lot of bad and annoying things can happen during a trip and a travel bag which breaks somewhere in-between the destinations certainly can be included in this list. No one really wants to face this problem and hence his article will guide you through some very basic principles that have to be kept in mind when choosing the right travel bag:

1. Choose the bag in accordance with the occasion. The purposes of making trips can are various: it can be serious and very formal business trip where you have to impress your potential cooperation partners; it can be small backpacking trip to nearest capitals over a weekend; and it can also be extended extreme tour in the nature going hiking, rafting and engaging other outdoor activities. Do not buy your bag just because it looks cool. Although aesthetical value is quite important (and becomes more and more crucial in our purchase-making decisions), the main aspect to focus on are the practical reasons. If you go hiking, certainly look for high quality backpack but if it is a business trip better purchase leather shoulder bag that would be enough to fit your hand-luggage and a laptop at the same time ascribing you an impression of smart and dedicated intellectual.

2. Research the origin of manufacturer. Nowadays the market of men’s bags (especially travel equipment) is very large. While it might seem that this competition is beneficial to the customers as it pushes the prices lower, it has also created a vast market of low-quality products. For instance, men’s leather travel bags that are made by companies based in Australia and Germany are considered to be higher quality than products made in China from where a lot of faulty products come. Also, certainly follow up with the changes of the market as for instance India now has increased its quality standards and recent productions come in higher quality compared to what the situation was like a few years ago.  Different manufacturers have different standards for assessing what is high-quality product and what is not so, prior basing your choice on the aesthetics and price of a product, it is suggested that you research the available information on the manufacturer before making the decision.

3. Consider the right weight of your bag. Different men’s leather bags have different sizes, shapes, additional features and yes – also weight. While small shoulder bags are rarely too heavy, luggage bags can be quite weighty and cause you some problems (e.g. when meeting airline’s luggage weight requirements). However there are cases when one needs extremely durable bag. Then you can opt for heavier materials that are able to endure very heavy luggage.

4. Know the material. Generally speaking materials for men’s bags can be broken into two categories, namely: soft cover luggage and heavy cover luggage. Soft cover luggage is the most commonly used once it comes to buying men’s travel bag. Men’s leather bags in that case are the best option invented thus far. Leather bags are not only very durable and long-lasting but they also look good which means that leather bags incorporates both aesthetic and practical qualities.

5. Additional details and features. General appearance and functionality of a bag matters as much as every small detail that altogether form the wholesome. Is stitching good enough and does it include reinforced stitching at stress points? Are the zippers and buckles made from endurable, high quality metal and can they be opened and closed easily? These are some of the few questions that you should keep in mind while examining your potential travel-bag-to-be. Although these might seem like small and insignificant details, they actually are the ones that play the greatest part in ensuring proper functionality and endurance of every man’s leather travel bag.