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    This land, and so many others, are guaranteed to bring out the adventuresome soul in all of us. Perhaps you count yourself among the many who cannot help but heed the call of the wild. If so, you can’t head out empty-handed. You will need to stock up on the most vital travel essentials for adventurers. From survival basics to a high quality leather travel bag, here are the items you simply can’t journey without.

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    A bag is important to every women and girl. It is every woman’s small kingdom

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Vagabond Travel Gear

Handmade Leather Satchels, Messenger Bags and Travel Bags for travel and everyday use.

FREE SHIPPING Applies On All Bags and Journals  In Australia.


Thank you for coming to check out our unique range of handmade leather satchels, messenger bags and travel bags for men and ladies.

Vagabond Travel Gear specialize in handmade goat leather bags because of the style, character and feel of beautiful soft goat leather bags that we and our customers love. Once you have owned yours for a short while you too will realize why our customers rave about our bags, and you.

All of our range of satchels, messenger bags, travel bags and ladies bags has been built based on the most important factor, that is the feedback and requests we receive from our valued customers.

Our main priority is to provide customer satisfaction, we guarantee every bag we sell so you can be confident that you are going to enjoy your bag for a long time to come, and we welcome your valued feedback.

We want you to become long term clients and to tell your friends about your goat leather bag- in fact they will be asking you about it even before you get a chance to brag.

The bags are all designed for day to day use and for the individual who wants hardwearing, practical and affordable leather bags. You will find our bags are very good value for money.

Each bag is individually handmade by village craftsmen in India which results in a unique product every time. They are not a mass produced factory product, but are made using traditional old methods which cannot be reproduced in modern factories.

From the original process vegetable tanning, hand machine sewing and riveting, and hand oil finishing, these steps all create the unique style. Our range has a natural style and finish, with rugged good looks and rustic finish on many of the designs.

We are often asked by prospective customers why we choose goat leather for our range of bags. Here are the reasons.

Goat leather is such a wonderful, lightweight leather. The goat skins are full of character, showing the adventures that the animal experienced through it’s life (if they could only tell those tales each bag would be an adventure in itself.)

The leather softens really quickly with use and the bag becomes a part of you just like a favourite pair of jeans. This all adds to the charm of the finished product.

As well as being soft and lightweight, goat leather is also very strong and scuff resistant. It is also easy to look after using a soft cloth and leather cream.

Vagabond Travel Gear products are designed to have the natural rugged looks and feel that suit the adventurous individuals of the world. We prefer the natural qualities of leather as opposed to manmade materials. Goat leather is an eco friendly sustainable product.

Our range includes satchels and messenger bags, business bags, laptop and ipad bags, travel duffel bags, onboard cabin bags, ladies tote bags and shoulder handbags, and also a terrific range of handmade leather journals, diaries, sketchbooks and photo albums.

New designs are regularly added to our range so come back often to discover exciting new styles.

We provide free shipping within Australia only, but please contact us for a quote to ship overseas.


Vagabond Travel Gear.