XBP316 - 16" Deluxe Handmade Laptop Padded Briefcase



  16" Deluxe Laptop Padded Briefcase

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"Handmade Deluxe 16" Leather Laptop Padded Briefcase"

Your Vagabond goat leather briefcase satchel will give you a sense of freedom and adventure, you will enjoy the rugged good looks and practicality of this handcrafted piece.

This is not a mass produced item from a large factory, but is individually handmade. It is not perfectly finished like mass produced items are, but has character, charm and individuality, which brings out the same in you.

The satchel is made from natural goat leather by craftsmen in India following their centuries old methods and techniques to create these unique and distinctive objects.

Using a modern design the craftsmen have produced a bag which is both functional and beautiful, no one else will have exactly the same bag as you, each bag will be unique due to the markings on the goatskin which add character to your prized possession.

The smart but casual look and styling of the bag is perfect to use just about anywhere, so you do not need different bags for different occasions, which means your investment in this real leather bag will give you great value over the life of the bag.

The satchel will "wear in" with use ,become more a part of you, and will collect more character with age creating a unique accessory. It has a natural oiled finish which makes it easy to clean and touch up wear marks.

You will be seen as an individual, and stand out from the crowd as a person with style and taste. The satchel is a useful everyday bag, will take your laptop and notebooks, documents, and your other bits and pieces.

Travelling with your goat leather satchel is easy, if you do get scuff marks, they can be easily attended to with a soft cloth and leather conditioner , and will add a more interesting "aged" appearance, rather than detracting from your bag.

Bag Dimensions Internally:-

. Internal length 16" (40cm)
. Internal height 12" (31cm)
. Internal depth  6" (15cm)

This is ideal for carrying up to15" laptop computer,ipad and notebooks, but please check your size before ordering.

Key points about the bag:-

  •  Handmade from real goat leather by Indian craftsmen, looks beautiful, is strong and long lasting
  •  Natural real leather 
  •  Solid metal buckles and fixtures - will last for years
  •  Has a wonderful natural look, and feel
  • Briefcase handle
  •  Shoulder strap for easy carrying and adjustable length, removable.
  •  Internal canvas lining, 3 dividers with padded laptop section
  •  front accessory pocket
  • Half flap cover which fastens down by buckle.
  • Each bag is uniquely individual due to slight colour and marking variations on natural leather (bag colour may differ from photos)


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XBP316 -  16" Deluxe Handmade Laptop Padded Briefcase

XBP316 - 16" Deluxe Handmade Laptop Padded Briefcase

  16" Deluxe Laptop Padded Briefcase

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